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CCH Software User Documentation

Add Foreign Dividends Interest and Other Savings Income

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  1. Open  the Foreign:Dividends, interest and other savings income section.

  2. Select the required tab. For example, Interest for savings income.

Note: Use the Other tab to enter income from other savings and investment. However, you should not use it to enter income from:

·         gains on life assurance policies

·         overseas pensions

·         income from land and property abroad

  1. Select or enter the business name in Company name.

  2. Select or enter the type of income in Description. For example, Ordinary Stock.
    Additional fields appear.

  3. Use the Country pull-down to select the country that the income originates from.

  4. (Optional) If you no longer own this asset enter the date that you ceased owing it in Date Disposed.

Note: The date that you enter in Date disposed must be within the specified tax year.

  1. (Optional) If the funds received form part of shared income, then click No in Joint to indicate the amount owned.
    The Joint Source window appears for you to complete.

  2. Complete the following fields:

·         Quantity

·         Date paid

·         Is on remittance basis? - Select this option if this income qualifies for transfer into the UK.

·         Is unremittable? - Select this option if the income does not qualify for transfer to the UK.

·         Is by deduction? - Deducts any foreign tax paid reducing the Amount chargeable.

·         Gross - Enter the total amount without tax.

·         Foreign tax - Enter the amount of tax paid in the country of origin up to the amount allowed under the Double Taxation Treaty where applicable

  1. Click Save and Close.



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