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How to Create Default Claim Details

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Add Default Claim Details

  1. From the File menu select Maintenance>Tax settings>Personal Tax>Default Repayment Claim Details.

  2. Click the tabs to switch between adding default details for the SA100 or SA900 Tax Returns.

  3. Click the check box Is a repayment claim to be made if too much tax has been paid, which activates the repayment options:

  4. Select the repayment method.

  5. If you selected the bank/ bank nominee as a repayment method then you will need to add their details at the bottom.

Tip! You can use the Select bank or building society link to add an existing bank or create a new one.

Note: If you also added bank/ nominee details within the Repayment Claim source then this information overrides the details contained within Default Claim Details.


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