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Update Securities

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SQLite databases are used to store all of the information relating to stocks and shares. Dividends, interest payments, valuations, scrip issues, company reorganisations, take-over’s etc., all of this information resides in the SQLite databases. These databases are called masterfiles.

Database Configuration

There is a separate database for every year going back to 1986/87 and these files are available for download from the CGT and Dividend Scheduling downloads area:

Data in the current year is constantly changing as new events are added so it is important that you keep your files up to date. Earlier years only change occasionally so it is not that important to update these files regularly unless you have specifically requested securities to be added.

We would recommend updating the most recent two years on a regular basis and the application has been designed with making this as straightforward as possible.

The screen where you open portfolio periods displays the status of the databases for the last two years together with the file, master1.sdb, that is used to store RPI factors and an index of security codes so this file must be downloaded whenever a database is downloaded to ensure the indexes are kept up to date.

When masterfiles are downloaded, they are downloaded to a location specified in file Gains.xml in your Deploy folder:

  • The Deploy folder is where your CCH Central programs run from. If you are not certain where this is, right click your icon or menu option for CCH Central and select Properties.
  • Gains.xml is a text file that can be edited using a text editor such as Notepad. The line that specifies the location for your masterfiles reads:

<Settings Key="SecurityDataFileFolder" String_Value="\\YourServer\Central\CGT and Dividend Scheduling\Securities" />

where "\\YourServer\Central\CGT and Dividend Scheduling\Securities" is the path to the location on your network.

Schedule Automatic Update

The application can be configured to download updates to the data automatically. The day of the week and the time of day can be specified. When the automatic update has been scheduled the computer hosting the application simply needs to be switched on for the update to run.

Update Now

This option allows you to update all or a selection of years on demand. When you select this option the application will automatically flag which years are out of date.


The configuration screen allows you to specify whether you want to keep the last three years files up to date or whether you would prefer to keep all years up to date.



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