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Capital Gains Tax Schedule

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The Capital Gains Schedule records all relevant movements within a Portfolio and applies the appropriate legislation to all chargeable disposals and transfers in the period requested.

Capital Gains Report Details

The system will automatically apportion costs on take-over's, calculate indexation relief and apply the relevant identification rules on disposals.

Securities are listed on a straight alphabetical basis within the Capital Gains Schedule although separate sections are provided for Exempt Securities and Non-Qualifying Offshore Funds.

All changes to the overall holding are reflected first in the Change of Holding/Cost/Indexation column and then in the Balance of Holding/Cost/Indexation column.

6.4.65 and 31.3.82 valuations are shown in parentheses beneath the associated actual acquisition cost. In the case of any Balances B/F the date of the last indexation calculation is displayed, again in parentheses, to the right of the holding's Date of Acquisition.

All disposal calculations are shown separately, in detail, with the total Proceeds and Gain/Loss displayed at the end of the Schedule.



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