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Overwriting System Generated Events

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On occasion you may find it necessary to overwrite a holding or cost that has been generated by the system. For example this may be due to a rounding difference relating to the number of shares allocated following a take-over or the need to overwrite the cost of rights shares issued by a Foreign Company.

Revise Holding or Cost

All such amendments should be entered on the Sundries window working, where possible, from a copy of the Capital Gains Schedule.

You should enter the Security Code, Date of Acquisition, Event Date and the exact narrative displayed on the Schedule that you are attempting to overwrite e.g. CALL, FROM A-401-324. (The description must be an exact match to override the entry).

Enter the revised holding or cost in the appropriate field.

In situations where you want to suppress a system generated event follow the procedure outlined above for amending an entry but enter zeros in all of the other fields.



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