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As with Re-investments, details of shares that have been inherited should be entered on the Sundries Window.

Probate Date and Shares Value

Before entering the transaction you will need to have established the probate date and value of the shares inherited.

Key points to note when entering the transaction are as follows:

  1. The Acquisition Date needs to be the date of death, although, as this is the date the system uses for identification purposes on disposal it is likely you will need to convert the actual date into the "Tax" date. For example, in cases where the shares inherited are Ordinary Shares then the entry required may be N for Newpool.

  2. The Event Date needs to be the probate date and this date will be used by the system to calculate dividend entitlements.

  3. Where appropriate you will need to calculate the indexation relief accrued between the date of death and the transfer (probate) date and enter it in the Indexation field.



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