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CCH Software User Documentation

Calculation Processing

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To process a case simply select Run Calculation in the sidebar which will generate the Calculation Processing Options window where you can choose which reports you want to view and the various options laid out below.

Calculation Procession Options Window

Radio buttons are provided to enable you to select either Proof or Final format.

Check boxes are provided for the following choices:

  • Calculate Valuations - If you select this option the system will provide a valuation, within the Dividend Schedule, of each holding as at the end date of the period being processed. The system holds valuations for the end of every tax year and additionally at the end of every calendar month.
    In situations where the portfolio you are processing has a mid-month end date then the system will use the valuation from the end of the previous month.
    Month end valuations are provided to assist with Tax Planning.
  • One Dividend Schedule Section Per Page - This option is provided to allow you to elect for a new page to be generated for all the various dividend types contained within the Dividend Schedule, e.g. Interest Received in the UK, Dividends from UK Companies, etc.
  • Notional Sales - This option is a useful planning aid as it allows you to obtain a picture of the overall position if a portfolio was notionally disposed of on a particular day in the Tax Year.
    When this facility is used it is important to ensure that  all actual disposals and acquisitions made in the period concerned are included for the overall notional position to be correct.
    Totals will be provided at the end of the Schedule reflecting separately the gain/loss arising from all actual and notional disposals.
  • In Accrued Interest Scheme - Select this option if the portfolio is "caught" under the terms of the Accrued Interest scheme.
  • Include Time in Page Footer – Select this option if you want to print the time a portfolio was processed in the footing line of the detailed schedules.



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