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The Supplier page


The Supplier page has a number of tabs that are used to store specific information. These tabs group information together in a logical manner, so that details are easy to retrieve.

There are eight tabs in the Supplier page, as listed below. Click a tab name to jump to detailed information on it:

Changing a supplier's name and code

You can change a supplier name, or type (person or organisation) or code from this page by clicking in the Supplier Name or Supplier Code fields. You can then access the Amend Supplier Name window where you can type over the current information and then OK to change it. A warning icon File:dirname/pm/030_Suppliers/020_The+Supplier+page/Warning_icon.gif will be displayed if you enter a code that is already in use by another supplier.


The Task bar

When the Supplier page is displayed, the options available on the Task Bar are:

  • Refresh
    Click to refresh the contents of the supplier page.

  • Reopen Supplier
    Click to reopen a supplier that has previously been closed.

  • Close Supplier
    Click to close the selected supplier record. This will remove the supplier from the supplier list. A supplier with unpaid bills/invoices cannot be closed.

  • Delete Supplier
    Click to delete the selected supplier. A supplier with unpaid bills/invoices cannot be deleted.

  • the Activity Task items
    Click one of the available tasks to open the Task Detail page and define a task for the supplier.

  • Convert to Contact
    Click to change the supplier into a contact. A supplier with unpaid bills/invoices cannot be converted to a contact.

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