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Start a Workflow

You can create a workflow that is based on the default Tax Return Completion workflow template.

Create Workflow

Note: Before you start a workflow you must create the tax return for the selected client.

  1. Ensure the Summary tab (this is tab that shows the Tax Return Data sections) for the select client is visible.

  2. In the Task Bar under Workflow click Start Workflow. The Start Workflow window appears.

Tip: If the Task Bar is not visible, then from the menu click View >Task Bar.

 You can also start a workflow while creating or rolling forward a tax return.

  1. In Choose template, select the template that you want to use and then click OK.

  2. Click Show Workflows under Workflow in the Task Bar. The Workflows window appears.

  3. Status indicates the task that needs to be completed. Click the task, for example Request Data, the Workflow task window appears.
    Use the
    Workflow task window to do the following:

  1. When you are done click the close buttons to return to the Summary tab.

Note: When  a client has all tasks associated with them marked complete, then Completed appears under Status, which when clicked displays the History window.



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