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CCH Software User Documentation

To Nominate a Charity

  1. If you would like to nominate a charity to receive full or part payment, under Nominate Charity, click All or Part.

Note: If you select the All option, you cannot enter a part repayment or add client/ nominee repayment details on the Bank/ nominee details tab.

  1. Complete the following:

·         Enter the amount of the part of the repayment nominated to charity - Enter the specific amount that you would like to donate.

·         Enter the Charity code - For example, AAA99AG. The last alpha character in every code is G.

·         Tick if Gift Aid is to apply - Select this option if you pay income tax and would like to participate in the Gift Aid Scheme

·         Tick if the charity can be provide with the client's name and address - If you do not select this option then your donation remains anonymous



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