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Employee Details page: Security Groups tab


The Security Groups tab on the Employee Details page displays the Employee's access rights the database.

You can modify and delete access rights using this tab.

In most cases, you will create the information on this tab using  Step 4 of the Add New Employee Wizard accessed from the main menu — File>New>Employee.

To assign a security permission to an employee

  1. Click the Ellipsis button File:dirname/central/060_Employees/080_Employee+Details+page%3A+Security+Groups+tab/bttn_ellipsis.gif in the Security Groups panel.
    The Find Security Group window appears.

  2. Click the Search button.
    Security Permissions and their descriptions appear.

  3. Select the Security Permission required.

  4. Click OK.
    The Security Permission appears in the Security Groups panel.

  5. Click OK to save and exit the Security Permission tab.

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