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Entering Journals

Entering Journals

  1. To display the journals grid, in the CCH AP Task Bar under Transactions, select the Journals option. 

  2. Enter the Batch Reference number e.g. A123 Batch 1. This is optional and will appear against the journal lines entered when they are viewed elsewhere, e.g. in the nominal ledger.

  3. Select one of the following options from the Type drop-down:

    • Journal (default)

    • Opening Balance

    • Restatement (if there is a Prior Accounting Period)

    • Reversing

  4. Select the appropriate Date and Reporting Period if required.

  5. Enter the journal lines. There is no restrictions on the number of lines that can be entered in a journal batch.

As you enter each journal line, the amount by which the journal batch is out of balance is shown in the total field at the foot of the grid (indicated by this icon ). You will not be able to Post the Journal entries until it is balanced and the total field displays zero. You can, however leave a journal batch unposted by saving the batch. The system will retain the entries as draft journals and provide a visual indication of this by showing the Journal Task Bar option in bold with the number of entries in (). You cannot perform a Year End Routine until you have posted or Deleted the draft journals.


  • Reference, Description. The Ribbon has options to repeat the reference and description on subsequent entries which is useful when multiple entries require the same reference or description.
  • Debit/Credit. When not selected, there is a single column for the Amount and credits are entered as negative numbers. When this option is selected there are separate columns for Debit and Credit.


  • The Reporting Period drop-down is only visible if you have several reporting periods in use.




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