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CCH Software User Documentation

Project Approach



Project Scope

The scope of the project is detailed in the Services Description Statement within the Project Journal, supporting the detail in your contract. Any other additional requirements are deemed out of scope.

Risk Management

Your Project Manager will input perceived risks to the Action Log within the Project Journal and will report on them on a regular basis.

Project launch meeting

The project is dependent upon good communication between all the parties involved with the project. The project implementation is a collaborative effort between the client and Wolters Kluwer TAAUK and relies on both timely and accurate information sharing between parties, and internal communication between representatives in their own business.

Regular progress updates shall be formally recorded in the agreed format and distributed between the parties involved in the project, at a frequency agreed between us and the client

Project resources

The appropriate project resource for your implementation has been estimated based on our standard implementation scope and approach for the modules that you require. As such, there may be additional information about your implementation which comes to light during the project which impacts the number of days that are needed. Should there be a requirement for additional days to be purchased to deliver the services necessary to complete your implementation, your Project Manager will make you aware of this as soon as it becomes known.

Roles and Responsibilities

Project Manager

  • Attendance at a project launch meeting or call
  • Management of the TAAUK deliverables and implementation process
  • Liaison with the client on activities required to implement the software, on time and to the agreed requirements
  • Liaison with the training consultants and installation team on their activites
  • Planning and managing of  activities and deliverables with the client
  • Attendance at mid-point review meeting
  • Management of change control within the project
  • Monitoring of project risks associated with the implementation
  • Creation and ongoing management of the Project Plan and timescales of the project
  • Management of key milestone calls and internal implementation calls
  • Attendance at a project post implementation review and completion of Lessons Learned

Account Manager

  • Attendance at a project launch meeting or call
  • Maintenance of ongoing customer relationship
  • Ownership of commercial aspects of the project
  • Attendance at mid-point review meeting


  • Delivery of agreed agenda or specification (for training, consultancy, installation or data services)
  • Responsible for completion of services pre-call
  • Responsible for completion of post-delivery follow up and evaluation

Customer Implementation Lead

  • Ownership & management of issues & communications within the client project team
  • Ownership of communication and change management within their business
  • Communication with the Project Manager
  • Main point of contact for  Project Manager
  • Co-ordination and monitoring of all client activities to ensure effective use is made of the services being supplied by us
  • Monitoring and control of project risks and issues in conjunction with the Project Manager
  • Reporting of project progress to the Customer Project Sponsor

Customer Lead User (could be the same person as the Implementation Lead)

  • Participate in the training and consultancy sessions to enable us to gain a full understanding of the requirements
  • Make decisions on the configuration to be utilised, taking into account Reporting and overall system requirements
  • Action the tasks assigned during the implementation sessions including but not limited to devising coding structures, inputting parameters, collating data.
  • Liaise with all parties involved in the data conversion process and to take prime responsibility for data validation and acceptance
  • Deliver end user training within the organisation (if applicable)
  • Devise and implement operating procedures to be used within the organisation


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