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CCH iXBRL Review & Tag 2020.3

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CCH iXBRL Review & Tag 2020.3

Release Highlights

This Service Pack of CCH iXBRL Review & Tag addresses the following:

  • Section 411 Information about employee average numbers.
  • Migration of the Companies House submission data to the Central database to facilitate easier reporting.
  • Ability to enable multiple user submissions
  • Quality fixes – these are detailed in the release notes.


For sites with CCH Central

Installing CCH iXBRL Review & Tag 2020.3 is installed using the Central Suite Installer.
This ensures that all prerequisites are in place and that all the products for which you are licenced are installed in the correct sequence.

If you have installed CCH iXBRL Review &Tag on workstations, these is automatically updated the first time that you launch the workstation instance of the software while connected to the network. Please refer to the CSI installation instructions for more information.

For Non CCH Central sites

If you are not a Central user you should use the standalone installer. This needs to be run on each computer on which CCH iXBRL Review & Tag is installed. Please refer to the separate installation instructions for details.

Microsoft Prerequisites: Please note that the standalone installation requires the following Microsoft components to be present:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 - for further information click here 

Compliance Updates

Average number of employees mandatory element for Companies House filings

Companies House advised that notes to a company's annual accounts must disclose the average number of persons employed by the company in the financial year. From 13th October 2020 the tag “Average number of employees during period” is set to become a mandatory tag and is therefore validated on initial submission of accounts.

We have updated the Companies House exceptions to include this new mandatory tag. If details of the average number of employees are present in the accounts but are not tagged the following exception warning appears:
Clicking on the exception shown and takes you to the tag within the taxonomy tree where the tag should be applied for both the current and comparative years (if applicable).

If a note does not exist for these details, or there are no employees please add the tag to the other data section for both current and comparative year and add the value even if it is a zero.
This validation does not apply to dormant companies. If your accounts are dormant please check the Entity is Dormant option within Other Data and this exception is removed.

Note: due to the current COVID-19 emergency this was deferred until 13th July, however following a rethink this requirement has now been put back again until 13th October 2020.

Quality Improvements

The following quality fixes have been introduced in this release.

Using a table for XML submissions

For users with the Companies House submissions enabled and using CCH Central we have brought the submission database into the CCH Central database in line with other products. This enables multiple users to access the submission of accounts to Companies House at the same time.

When the CSI update to 2020.3 is run you will have an additional update script for CCH iXBRL Review and Tag on the first launch of CCH Central.


This process reads the contents of your submissions.xml file; this file stores the Companies House Submission history along with your license details and imports that data to new tables within the Central SQL Database.

Note: where there are multiple instances of a submissions.xml the system only reads the default one setup within your current instance of CCH iXBRL Review and Tag. Any additional historic data needs to be converted after the initial import. Please contact our Customer Support team to obtain instructions on how to import multiple submission databases into the Central SQL tables. This will require a separate installation; alternatively we intend to add a utility in the Service Pack (November 2020) to facilitate conversion of these additional submissions tables.

Customers launching the standalone version of CCH iXBRL Review and Tag from within CCH Central, this may no longer work in some scenario’s. Any customers affected should use CCH iXBRL Review and Tag from within CCH Central itself – See known Issues

ITS 59445 Companies House button greyed out

In CCH iXBRL Review & Tag the Companies House button could be greyed out for one of three reasons:

  1. An invalid licence
  2. The user did not have ‘write access’ to the submission database
  3. Managed user control was applied
  • It was not apparent which of these options was responsible.
  • The inclusion of the submissions.xml history and the licensing fields within the Central database remove the issues around locating the error for 1 and 2.
  • If however the user still has the Companies House Submission button greyed out check the Managed user control to ensure that the user name and access is set correctly.
ITS 59446 Unable to report on used licences

It was not possible to produce a report showing the client count and details of the clients filed .
We have made some improvements to the reporting on the Companies House submissions within the Central version of CCH iXBRL Review & Tag.

Report Format

When running the report option you now have the choice of exporting the report to a HTML file or a csv file (to be opened with your spreadsheet application).

In response to requests from customers, this report now shows the client code and a count for the number of records returned.

Submission Count

An additional field has been added at the top of each report showing the number of accounts included in the report.


Client Code

An additional Column has been included within the CoHo. Submission Database to show the Client Code from Central.

  • If the client does not exist within Central and does not have a client code the entry to the new table is set to NA.
  • If you use CCH iXBRL Review & Tag as a standalone installation the Submission Database does not contain this new field.
ITS 59436 - FRS102 Consolidation -Auditors report missing mandatory tag on Auditors opinion on entity

The updated Auditors report for the FRS102 consolidated accounts in CCH Accounts Production was not tagging the Companies House mandatory element for ‘Opinion of Auditors on Entity’.
Although this has been fixed in CCH iXBRL Review & Tag it requires an update to CCH Accounts Production which is in the 2020.3 Service Pack due in November 2021.

Known Issues

ITS 60618 – Central Installation launching the Standalone Version

The standalone launcher was introduced as a workaround to allow customers to get around the data locking issue with multiple users submitting at the same time.

The data locking issue has been rectified in the 2020.3 release in some scenario's, however in some circumstances the standalone installer fails to launch. Where this happens customers should use CCH iXBRL Review & Tag from with CCH Central.

Other than this, there are no new known issues arising as a result of this release.

Useful Information! our current CCH iXBRL Review & Tag Known issues list is available from our Knowledgebase.


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