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What is CCH iFirm?

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What is CCH iFirm?

  • CCH iFirm is the platform we use to provide you with access to our growing range of cloud-based products which includes AML (Anti-money Laundering).

    CCH iFirm Personal Tax and CCH iFirm Accounts Production is coming soon.

  • In addition, CCH iFirm product users have their access to applications such as the Support Portal, My Learning Portal and UserVoice managed through the CCH iFirm platform.

Manage your Organisation and Members Profile


If you are a designated Wolters Kluwer Account 'Administrator' you will have the ability to control all of the Settings for your Members.

Organisation Management enables you to manage your firm’s setup and admin within CCH iFirm to invite members and manage access to products and applications.


If you have subscribed to any CCH iFirm platform products, then you should now use the 'Organisation Management' app to invite members to join the Wolters Kluwer Support Portal and stop using the Wolters Kluwer Account Support Admin Tool to invite members.

NEW way to subscribe new members - Organisation ManagementWolters Kluwer Support Portal


OLD way to subscribe new members - Wolters Kluwer Account Support Admin Tool


There are 2 ways of Managing your Organisation:
  1. From the Home screen, click on  'Manage my organisation' clipboard_e3fed5b79d5ba0b768710047ccd8bff29.png which will take you to the Organisation management area.

  2. Alternatively, click on your Profile


and click on 'Manage organisation' 


which will take you to the Organisation management area.


Wolters Kluwer Account Administrators can:

  • Manage member access to CCH iFirm
  • Invite colleagues to join CCH iFirm
  • Manage member access to products and applications
  • Manage product settings

Please read our help guide for CCH iFirm Admins for instructions on how to use Organisation Management.


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