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Viewing PDFs of AML Checks in CCH Central Document Centre

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To enable users to view a PDF of AML Checks in the Document Centre a superuser will need to check the following three settings.


  • Document Types 

In CCH Central Go to File>Maintenance>Document Management>Document Types.  Ensure the AML report is ticked as enabled


  • Library and Types

In CCH Central go to File>Maintenance>Document Management>Library and types.

Then select Client from the Library drop down. 

If the AML report displays on the left panel under the heading 'Types not in Library' then using the highlighted arrow in screenshot below move it to right hand panel under heading 'Types in library'.





  • Document Security

In CCH Central go to File>Maintenance>Security>Document Security>Library.

Then select Client from the library drop down

Pick a security group that the user is a member of (e.g. AP Admin) and ensure that for the AML Report the Add and View checkboxes are ticked.




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