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Options tab

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There are some optional features in CCH Trust Accounts. These can be set up accessed from the Activities menu. Select System Management, and then Database Parameters.

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Features that can be set up here include:

The default year ended 5th April. The year is assumed to end on 5th April (the UK tax year end).  This setting is used to provide default dates for tax reports and for reports that include multiple clients.  The dates can always be overridden when the report is run.


  • From CCH Trust Accounts 2020.1 a warning is given on login if the Default Year End date is more than 365 days in the past.
  • For instance, if the Default Year End is 2019, then you are not reminded to change it until 06/04/2020.

System default currency. Press F2 to select from a picklist.  For UK users this should be GBP, for Irish users EUR.  This setting is used as the default currency in several circumstances.  It must not be left blank.

Pricing Range in Days. This determines how far back the system looks for a security price or an exchange rate.  If prices are received monthly then 30 days is a reasonable setting.

Other options can be enabled as in the screenshot above by ticking the appropriate row in the table.


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