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I like Investment Schedules to appear a certain way, can I change the columns it defaults to?

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You can enter a Profile that will produce the report you wish time after time.

  1. Go to Activities > System Management > Layout and Formatting.
  2. Go to Investment Schedule Profiles and then press the Goto button.
  3. Press New.
  4. Enter a Profile Code and Description and then edit the rest of the Profile in the way in which you want the client to appear.

Profiles can also be used to affect how the investment schedule appears when it is produced through the Accounts Formatter.

Instead of using the default formula on the Investment Schedule format page, change this to reference the particular investment schedule profile required.

i.e. =TA("sched,Add") is the default formula, change this to =TA("sched,Add,Dividends") where Dividends is the name of the new Investment schedule Profile as entered into the Profile Code field.



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