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CCH Software User Documentation

Add Foreign Pensions

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The Pensions tab should be displayed.

  1. Click clipboard_ee7bbfcdea9d7a5a6ad8f95c0d8877e16.png in Payer to select or create a pension provider.
  2. Select the name of the country where the income arose from the Country pull-down.
  3. Indicate whether the benefit Is unremittable. Selecting this option disables fields relating to UK currency, as you are required to enter unremittable income in it's foreign currency.

 Note: You cannot select UK tax, 10% deduction, or Amount of deduction if you select the Is unremittable check box.

  1. (Optional) Select Is by deduction if applicable.
  2. Enter the amounts of taxable benefits before deducting any UK or Foreign tax in Amounts before tax.
  3. In Foreign Tax, enter the total amount of tax deducted by the foreign country.
  4. If the UK has deducted tax, then enter this amount in UK tax.
  5. Select the 10% Deduction check box if the benefit qualifies for the deduction. The deduction appears in Amount of deduction.
  6. You can adjust the amounts of any deductions that appear in Amount of deduction.
  7. Enter the date that the benefit started in Date commenced.
  8. (Optional) If the benefit has ended, then enter this date in Date ceased.
  9. Click Save and Close.



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