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Hints and tips

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Hints and tips

Joint income sources

The joint column in the template is populated based on the information in the Joint? column within the relevant income source data entry window.

The following applies if the source is held “jointly with spouse” or “jointly with other person(s)”.

  1. If the 50/50 split option is selected, 50% appears in the Information Request.
  2. If the “client’s percentage of total is…” option is selected, the percentage figure entered appears in the Information Request.
  3. If the “I will enter the amounts applicable to the client directly” option is selected, this appears in the Information Request as Joint as no percentage figure is available to use.

Where the source is not held jointly, the column is blank.

Last Year Amounts column

Where options 1 and 2 in the Joint income sources section above are relevant, the figure shown in the Last Year Amounts column is the amount entered against that source in CCH Personal Tax (i.e. the Total), not the proportion relating to the client. Where option 3 was previously selected and a figure was entered manually for a joint source, the value displayed against that line of entry appears.

Where there is income from property, the figure shown in the Last Year Amounts column is the total net profit, i.e. gross rent less expenses.

Editing the default templates

It is possible to edit the supplied templates to match your preferred wording and choice of font.

Before making any changes to the template we recommend that you save the template under another name, and make your changes against the new version. In this way the original templates is always available for reference.

If you do not change the name, the file will be overwritten by the CCH Central default template the next time the CSI is run.

For more details on editing the templates please see our Create and edit templates

Date in template covering letter

The date included in the letter templates does not automatically update. These must be edited on the template and set to the required date.

Sending Trust covering letters

To populate the address section of the Trust covering letters, Trust clients require a mailing contact to exist in the Associated tab in the client’s CCH Central record.

Emailing Information Requests - Outlook

When using Outlook to run the mail merges, please note the following points:

  • It is necessary to register the ‘Secman.dll’ file. This needs to be done with Administrator privileges. If you are unsure, please speak to your system administrator.
  • CCH Central and Outlook need to be running from the same machine for the mail merge to work correctly. This is a limitation with MS Outlook.
  • When using Outlook use only 32-bit versions (Outlook 2010, 2013 etc); the mail merge does not work with the 64-bit applications.

How can I change the Information Request Reporting report to default to a later tax year?

Open the report in Reporting for editing and then click on Parameters at the top of the screen and change the Start and End tax years.

Also click on Select in the filter section and change the tax year here as well.

Ensure that you 'Save' the Report.


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