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User Permissions

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There are several permissions relating to workflows within Document Management. These are set in the Task Permissions window which can be accessed via File > Maintenance > Security > Task Permissions.

In the Product dropdown select Document Management, and then select the appropriate security group in the Group dropdown.

There are permissions available under the the following Group Descriptions:

Document Centre

#Document Centre #Start Workflow

This permission allows users to start a workflow against a document from within the Document Centre.

Document Creation

#Document #Workflow AllowNone

This permission will allow users to opt not to use a workflow (where there are associated workflows) when adding or creating documents.

#Document #Workflow OverrideDefault

This permission will allow users to select a different workflow to use (where a default has been set).

If neither of these permissions are granted to a user they will not be able to change any default workflows that are set.


[Maintenance][Document Management][Document Workflow]

This permission allows users to access and make changes in Maintenance > Document Managment > Workflows.


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