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Editing Employee Group Security (CCH Central)

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When employees log on to CCH Central they inherit the permissions of the groups they belong to. You can modify an employee's Group Security any time. Employees have to be part of at least one security group before they can use the database.
  1. On the main menu, select File Maintenance Security Employee Group Security.
  2. In the Employee Group Security window find the employee you want to add to the security group using the Ellipsis Buttom Ellipisis.PNG in the Employee field.
  3. Select the employee on the Find Employee window and then click Buttom OK.PNG. The Employee Group Security window refreshes showing the employee's name.
  4. In the Is not a member of... panel, select the group that you want to add the employee to.
  5. Click the Buttom Add one item.PNG button to shift the group to the Is a member of... panel. (To add all groups to the employee, click the  Buttom Add all items.PNG button. The employee will have the access permissions of all the groups.)
  6. In the Is a member of... panel, select the group that you want to delete the employee from.
  7. Click the Buttom Remove one item.PNG button to move the group to the Is not a member of... panel. (To delete all groups, click the Buttom Remove All items.PNG button. The employee will have no access permissions for the groups.)
  8. When completed, click Buttom OK.PNG to save changes and close the window.

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