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Repeat Bills


Repeat Bills are template bills used to automatically bill a client on a fixed and regular basis. For example, some clients may want to be billed monthly, some others quarterly, to prevent ending up with a large bill at the end of a set of work. You can use existing client bills to create templates that will automatically generate a new bill for a particular client at regular time intervals (for example, monthly billing).

Create a Repeat Bill

  1. To create a Repeat Bill, you will first need to create a bill for the required assignments and amount following the usual process. This will need to be authorised and posted before it can be used as a Repeat Bill template. Once done, navigate to the Bills tab of the Client window. Locate the bill to be used as the template, highlight it and select the Repeat Bill button clipboard_ea91d47d029a53b98d1788875fa7ff102.png located under the client’s Full Billing History.  The Create New Repeat Bill Template window is displayed. 


The fields in this window are:

Select this Toolbar button...


Next Date

Set the date of the next bill.


Select from the list to determine how often the standing order will be created.


Set the number of standing order bills that will be created. For example, a year would be 11 entries, as the first month would be the template bill.

Bill Time Out

Set if the repeat bill will produce a bill total according to the total WIP ledger for the selected client. This is not ticked when the original bill only included Estimate to Complete or Miscellaneous Charge lines.

Amount to Bill

Type a value in this field to produce a repeat bill with this amount.

Auto Post Bill

Select this check box to automatically submit, authorise and post the repeat bills without any human intervention.


Displays the client who is being billed.


If the repeat bill is being raised against an assignment level invoice, then the assignment being billed is displayed here.

To cancel a current Repeat Bill

  1. Click the Bills tab for the client or assignment, then select the bill on which the repeat bill is raised.

  2. Click the clipboard_ea91d47d029a53b98d1788875fa7ff102.png button.

  3. The following message is displayed


Selecting yes will cancel any subsequent bills that were due to be created.


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