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Recording an expense


You may incur expenses while you carry out work for a client and you claim them by recording them on an Expense Sheet.

Record an Expense

  1. Create an Expense Sheet or open an Expense Sheet not submitted.

  2. Select the Date you incurred the expense from the drop-down calendar. You cannot change the view.

  3. Enter the reference number in the Reference field.

  4. Select the Client from the drop down list in the Client/Assignment column.
    The A/Code column is automatically populated.

  5. Select the Task from the drop-down menu.

  6. Enter the amounts in the Quantity and Cost. The Tax, Total and Charge columns are automatically populated with data.

    The charge field only automatically fills with a value if you have a charge rate set up for the Code Type. Otherwise, you will need to enter the charge rate.

  7. Type supporting information about the expense into the Comments column.

  8. To enter additional expenses for another Client or Assignment, press the [Enter] key until the cursor appears in a blank line just below the headings across the Timesheet.

  9. Repeat Steps 2 to 8 for other expenses for this date.

  1. To submit the Expense Sheet for posting, click the Submit Submit button button.
    The Entry Status field changes to Submitted and the Authorisation Status changes to show Unseen.

  2. Click OK.


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