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How to allocate work using the Employee Planner - TO BE DELETED

The Employee Planner is used by managers to allocate work to employees capable of completing the work associated with a task. It is used as a tool to manage the capacity of resources in the team.

The work allocated appears on the employee's own Employee Planner allowing them to manage their workload.

  1. Find the Assignment.
    The Client's Assignment Details page appears.

  2. Click the Schedule tab.
    The Schedule page for the Client appears.

  3. Select the Schedule you want from the drop-down menu.


  1. In the Task Bar under Schedules, click the Employee Planner File:dirname/pm/060_Employee+Planner/040_How+to.../030_How+to+allocate+work+using+the+Employee+Planner/Ass_Empl_Plnr2.gif button.
    The Employee Planner appears.

Note: this launches the Employee Planner in the default allocation mode where only employees with existing allocations against a stage are shown.

  1. Select the View Allocated Employees check box to see existing employees allocated to the stage.


  2. If the employee you want to allocate a task to is not listed, click the File:dirname/pm/060_Employee+Planner/040_How+to.../030_How+to+allocate+work+using+the+Employee+Planner/Ass_add_empl_btn.gif button (or right-click) on the Employee planner tasks bar.
    The Find Employees window appears.


  3. Search for the employee you want to allocate work to by:

  • typing at least four letters of their surname in the Search field


  • by clicking search and then selecting the employee from the list.

The employee's name appears in the Employee Planner.

  1. Drag a task from the Stage Details to the date required on Employee Planner.


    Note: Clicking hyperlinked text opens the link. Only drag from a text not hyperlinked.

  2. Double click the allocation or click Edit allocation in the Task Bar.
    The Edit Allocation window appears.


  3. Modify the Start date and allocate the Number of hours to the allocation.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Click the Refresh button in the Task Bar to refresh the allocation colours.

  6. Close the window.


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