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CCH Software User Documentation

How to perform a Skills Search


  1. On the main menu, click Workflow Employee Planner.
    The Employee Planner window appears.
    The Task Bar refreshes to display options for the Employee Planner.

  2. On the Task Bar, under Find, click the Skills Search link.
    The Skills Search window appears with the Availability tab open by default.
    The window has three tabs that help you specify various criteria for your search.

Note: all the fields in this window are optional. You can click the Show button at any point.

  1. Specify Availability criteria.

    • In the Availability tab, use the File:dirname/pm/060_Employee+Planner/040_How+to.../020_How+to+perform+a+Skills+Search/list_bttn.gif button next to the Date Range fields to specify the From and To dates.

    • Enter the Minimum Available Hours that the employee must have.

    • Specify the Department, Office, Company and Centre from the drop-down lists.

    • Select the employee Category.

  2. Click the 'Employee Skills' tab to specify skills criteria for the search.

    The options available on this tab page depend on the Extra employee fields and categories set up in the Maintenance menu.

    Specify the criteria by selecting from the drop down lists provided or by entering text.

    Note that you must use the [Tab] key to collapse drop down lists and to navigate between fields.

  3. Click the Work Experience/Client Attributes tab to find employees with experience of specific client types.

    Use the Work Experience fields to search for employees who have worked for a particular Client, Assignment Type, Assignment and/or Task.

    Use the Client Attributes fields to search for employees who have worked for particular types of clients before. The attribute options available depend on the Extra client fields and categories set up via the Maintenance menu. Client attributes could include industry, company size, location, etc.

  4. Click the Show button to display the list of employees.
    A tip at the bottom left of the Skills Search window tells you how many employees were found.
    The Skill Search window remains open while the list is displayed in the Employee Planner.

  5. Modify the search criteria and perform further searches.
    Close the Skills Search window.


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