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About Skills Search


The Skills Search function located on the task bar of the Workflow>Employee Planner window lets assignment managers find staff with particular skill sets and backgrounds. The window has tabs that allow you to filter employees by:

  • Availability: Allows you to view a list of employees available for a specified minimum number of hours within a date range based on Department, Office, Company, Centre and Category.

  • Employee Skills: Lets you search for employees with a specified skill. Note that you need to have these skills set up as Extra fields via the Maintenance menu before you perform the search. Examples of skills are Languages, Education, Professional Certifications, Culture, Club Membership, etc.

  • Work Experience/Client Attributes: Allows you to identify employees who have worked in specific situations.  The Work Experience filters include Client, Assignment Type, Assignment and Tasks. They allow you to identify employees who have worked for particular type of client, such as Advertising, Engineering, Law, etc.

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