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Add Assignment - Assignment and Schedules Mode


The following information is valid only for the Assignments and Schedules job mode. After using the client creation wizard to add details for a new client, and the client page opens for the first time, you are prompted to add an assignment. Clicking Yes on the Add Assignment window opens the Add Assignment wizard.  You can also access this window via the Click here to add a new job link on the Job Sheet home page control and the Client record > Assignments tab.

Add an assignment and schedule from a template

  1. From the Assignments tab within a client record, click the top row of the table labeled "Click here to add new..."

  2. Ensure that the Add from template option is selected. When this option is selected, a list of existing templates is displayed in a table below. You can use these templates to add assignments and schedules. All the templates are displayed by default.

  3. You can select a Job from the Job dropdown, however using the Assignments and Schedules Job Mode does not allow any information to be recorded against the job i.e. a target date, budget etc

  4. The window displays all templates by default but you can select an Assignment Template Group from the dropdown in order to filter the list of displayed templates (if this has been configured). From the list of existing templates, select the template(s) you would like to add to the client. For every selected template a new tab is created next to the Client Details tab.

  5. Click Finish to be taken to the Client > Assignment window.

Note: You can click the Finish button at any point. It is not mandatory to view every tab.


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