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CCH Software User Documentation

Assignment Details Page: Main tab



The Main tab is the first tab you see when you open a Client's Assignment Details page. It gives an overview of the selected assignment.


From the Assignment Details Page > Main tab you can view and amend the following information:

  • An Assignment Team comprises employees who are assigned to the team automatically when their Primary Station Record matches that of the centre, company, office or department of the client's assignment.
  • the Assignment Type (view field only)
  • the Company, Office, Department, and Centre that the assignment belongs to
  • the Date Created being the date the assignment was created (view field only)
  • the status of the assignment (open, held or closed)
  • the Maximum Fee and Maximum Rate
  • the Recovery Rate
  • any Fixed Fee Type that has been agreed with the client (this is a memo field to remind you when to raise a fee)
  •  the Assignment Billing Timetable used to  enter budgets and amounts used in the assignment.
  • the Assignment Team and the responsibility of each team member for the assignment
  • notes for your own or a colleague’s information. For more information about adding or editing a note, click here.


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