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How to add and maintain team responsibility



Using the Supplier>Responsibility tab, you can:

  1. On the main toolbar click the Suppliers button File:dirname/pm/030_Suppliers/140_How+To.../170_How+to+add+and+maintain+team+responsibility/Supplier_button_on_main_toolbar_SMALL.gif.
    The Find Suppliers page appears.

  2. In the Search for field, enter the name (or part of the name) of the supplier record you want to find.

  3. Click Search or press the [Enter] key.
    The records that match your search criteria are listed in the window.

  4. Double–click the record you want to open.
    The Supplier page for the selected record appears.

  5. Click the Responsibility tab to display it.
    The Responsibility tab page has four main areas: the Partner Responsibility and Team boxes at the top, and the Notes box and Structure Responsibility area at the bottom.

Add employees

  1. In the Team Responsibility box, click the Employee field and then click the Find button File:dirname/pm/030_Suppliers/140_How+To.../170_How+to+add+and+maintain+team+responsibility/Ellipsis_button.gif to open the Find Employees window.

  2. To select an employee using the Find Employees window:

- To search on part of the name, select the Search any part of name/code check box.
- In the Search for field, enter the name of the employee.
- Click Search  to list employees with the search criterion in their names.
- Select an employee from the list.


With the Search for field blank, click Search to list all the employees, and then select an employee from the list.

  1. To edit an employee name, click the employee name you want to change and then click the Find button to open the Find Employees window.


Double-clicking the employee name in the Find Employees window selects the employee and closes the window.

  1. On the Find Employees window, click File:dirname/pm/030_Suppliers/140_How+To.../170_How+to+add+and+maintain+team+responsibility/ok_button.gif to select the employee and close the window.
    The name of the selected employee is displayed in the Employee field on the Responsibility tab page.

Assign responsibility

  1. In the Team Responsibility box, click the Responsibility field and then click the List button File:dirname/pm/030_Suppliers/140_How+To.../170_How+to+add+and+maintain+team+responsibility/expand_arrow.gif to display the Responsibility drop-down list.

  2. Click a role on the Responsibility drop-down list to assign it to the selected employee.

  3. Click outside the Team box to display a new blank row at the top of the table.  Use this blank row to add another employee to the team.

  4. Select other team members and assign responsibilities as required.

Edit team

  1. To modify the team, you can either delete employees (see step 13) and then add new team members, or click the name of an employee and then replace the selected employee using the Find Employees window.  The procedure for selecting a replacement team member is the same as that for adding an employees except that you need to click the employee name you want to replace instead of clicking a blank Employee field.

You can edit team responsibilities by using the Responsibility drop-down list at any point.

Delete employee

  1. To delete an employee name from the Team box, click the employee name and then press the Delete key on your keyboard. The name is deleted and no longer visible.

When you are finished...

  1. When you are done with setting up the team, enter additional information in the Notes box if required.

  2. Click File:dirname/pm/030_Suppliers/140_How+To.../170_How+to+add+and+maintain+team+responsibility/ok_button.gif to save the Team Responsibility details. The supplier page closes and you are returned to the search results window.

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