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Security Group Maintenance


Setting up a security group

On the main menu click File > Maintenance > Security Group Maintenance to open the window which lists all security groups. To add a new security group:

  1. On the first line under the column Name, type the name of the new security group.

 2. Type the description of the security group under the column Description to provide information of the level of access of the group for example: read access only, no deletion      permitted.

 3. Check the box on the column Super User if you want the group to have unlimited access to all task permissions.

Central - Maintenance - Security - Security Group Maintenance.PNG  


It is possible to copy a security group, highlight the line of the group you want to copy, right click on the line, an option to  Copy Security Group appears, click on it. The copied security group will be added to the list, click on the name and description fields to edit them accordingly.


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