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Add New Client Wizard - Step 4


The Client Note details you enter in the Add New Client Wizard - Step 4 window appear on the Main tab of the Client page.

Enter a note for the client

  1. Enter the Title for the note. The current date is the default and is displayed in the Date field. You can select a different date.

  1. Type your notes into the block.

Use the formatting icons to apply rich text styles such as bold and italic to the text in the Notes box, or to change fonts, etc.

  1. Click the File:dirname/central/040_Contacts+and+Clients/140_Using+the+New+Client+Wizard/050_Add+New+Client+Wizard+-+Step+4/icon_spellcheck.gif icon to launch the spellchecker to check for typing and spelling errors.

 4. To continue using the Wizard, click Next.

        The Step 5 window appears. This is where you enter details of contacts associated with the new client.

Note: You can choose to continue with the Wizard to add the client to the database or click Finish and complete the details on the Client page later.


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