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Add New Contact Wizard - Step 2


The details you enter in the Contact Extra Details window are identical to those on the Extra tab of the Contact page.

Enter Extra details for the contact

  1. Enter information into Extra fields and Extra field groups.

If there are any mandatory fields, they will be flagged with a red triangle, like thisFile:dirname/central/040_Contacts+and+Clients/150_Using+the+New+Contact+Wizard/030_Add+New+Contact+Wizard+-+Step+2/icon_mandatory.gif, or labelled in red font and you will not be able to go to the next step until they are completed.

You can choose to continue with the Wizard to add the client to the database or click Finish and complete the details on the Client page later.

  1. To continue using the Wizard, click Next.

The Step 3 window opens. This is where you enter address details for the contact.


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