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Adding a new Contact


The Add New Contact Wizard guides you through the contact creation process. It is always your starting point when you need to add a contact to the database.

Using the New Contact Wizard

The Wizard guides you through the steps to create a detailed record of a contact. However, if you prefer, you can use the wizard to enter the contact's basic information and then complete the remaining steps on the Contact Page at another time. The only mandatory step is the first one. After this you can click Finish at any time to save the new contact and any details entered.

If there are any mandatory fields in a step, a small red triangle like this File:dirname/central/040_Contacts+and+Clients/150_Using+the+New+Contact+Wizard/030_Add+New+Contact+Wizard+-+Step+2/icon_mandatory.gif is displayed in the field . You will not be able to go to the next step until the field is completed. The error icon File:dirname/central/040_Contacts+and+Clients/150_Using+the+New+Contact+Wizard/010_Adding+contacts+to+the+database/icon_warning.gif is displayed if you try to move to the next step without completing a mandatory field. If you make an error in a mandatory field, hover over the icon and it will tell you what the error is.

The Add New Contact Wizard is accessed from the main menu by selecting File > New > Contact.


Additional mandatory fields can be set up by your system administrator to record information required by your practice. They are set up from the Maintenance menu.




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