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Approving Draft Contacts


Not all employees can approve Draft Contacts. Suppose employee Nikki Ledic runs the conversion and creates a Draft Contact. Her name is recorded on the Main tab of the contact. For the contact to be approved another employee, say, Fred Flintstone, must be given rights to approve Nikki’s Draft Contacts. This is done by opening the Fred’s Employee record and selecting the Contact Authorisation tab. Nikki’s name is then added to the list of employees whose contacts he can authorise.



  • When the conversion is performed, the user should not log into Central as the unspec employee  as no employee can be given rights to authorise the unspec employee’s draft contacts.
  • It is possible for an employee to be given rights to authorise their own draft contacts. For instance, we could give Nikki rights to approve Nikki’s draft contacts.
  • If there is no Contact Authorisation tab visible for an employee, or if the option to Include draft contacts does not appear on Find Contacts screen, check that you do not have a Configuration Key set called DraftContactsDisable. See Configuration keys.






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