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Upgrading to Wolters Kluwer Account

Upgrading to Wolters Kluwer Account
Upgrading to Wolters Kluwer Account

The upgrade process is being managed by Wolters Kluwer with each existing CCH OneClick customer being assigned an upgrade date and an upgrade manager/consultant. The consultant assigned to your upgrade will advise your CCH OneClick administrator via email in advance of your allotted upgrade date and will work with you to ensure that the upgrade is processed as efficiently as possible.

The steps involved in upgrading an existing CCH OneClick environment to utilise the Wolters Kluwer Account MFA functionality are as follows:

  1. Our consultant will email your CCH OneClick administrator in advance of the upgrade. The email will advise the scheduled upgrade date. This is moveable 1 week either side by agreement. If the upgrade consultant does not hear back from you, they will proceed with your upgrade on the scheduled date.
  2. The administrator will review the information on this web page, including the short videos below and agree upon the upgrade date with the consultant.
  3. Optionally, the administrator will edit the email templates used to communicate the upgrade request to CCH OneClick users. There is a separate email template for the admin user, employees, and clients. These are found within CCH Central in File > Maintenance > OneClick > Email Templates.
    If editing these email templates, we recommend adding a short sentence linking to the Wolters Kluwer Account activation video so that users can see a demonstration of the activation process should they have any questions. This will reduce the probability of clients contacting the practice with questions about this process, and thus improve the efficiency of the upgrade for all concerned.
    A suggested sentence for inclusion in the email might read 'You can watch a short demo that shows a user activating their upgraded account and configuring MFA here'.
  4. Optionally, you may wish to communicate upgrade plans to CCH OneClick client and employee users. We recommend that as a minimum you advise client-facing staff about the upgrade so that they are aware of this should they receive any calls from clients post-upgrade.
  5. Once a date for your upgrade has been confirmed we will display a 'pop-up notification' similar to the image below to notify all employee users who log in to CCH OneClick of the upcoming upgrade

Practice appcue.PNG

6. Optionally, Your upgrade consultant can also arrange for one of the following two pop-up notifications to be displayed to client users up until the date of the upgrade.

Option 1 refers to CCH OneClick by name

client oneclick appcue.PNG

Option 2 doesn't mention CCH OneClick and can be used if you and your clients refer to CCH OneClick by another name

client appcue.PNG

Note: We cannot customise these pop-up notifications in any way other than adding the applicable upgrade date/week.

7. The upgrade consultant will run the upgrade on the agreed date and will email you as soon as the upgrade has completed.

Please note: You do have the option of running a script to reset clients OneClick 'status' within CCH Central, but this is optional. Please contact your upgrade consultant if you wish to do this so that they can coordinate the processing of the upgrade with you running the script.  More information about this is discussed in the video entitled 'Planning for the upgrade' below.

By working together with your upgrade consultant, the process of upgrading your CCH OneClick users to Wolters Kluwer Account authentication will be efficient for all concerned.

Wolters Kluwer Account Upgrade Videos

Please watch the following short videos to fully understand the upgrade process:

Logging in to CCH OneClick via your Wolters Kluwer Account
A short video showing a user logging in to CCH OneClick, receiving and entering their MFA code in the process.
Preparing for your upgrade
This video shows you how to customise the email templates used in the upgrade process, and changing the security settings within CCH Central. This video demonstrates how to insert a link to the 'Activating your Wolters Kluwer Account' video into your upgrade email template. 

Please note: that the link shown in the video has now changed to

Planning for the upgrade

  • Communications to users.
  • Identifying which client users are currently activated for CCH OneClick.
  • Setting the 'pop-up notification' to advise users of the upcoming upgrade.



Activating your upgraded account
This demonstrates a user receiving their upgrade email (or activation email for newly activated users post upgrade), clicking the link in the email to activate their account and then configuring MFA.

Note: This video is the video mentioned above that you may like to link to in the upgrade email templates.


Post upgrade checks
A short video covering the editing of other email templates that are now in use, identifying which client users have activated their upgraded accounts, and re-sending activation emails to those who haven't.




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