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Add Lloyd's Interest from UK Banks etc

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  1. Open the Lloyds Interest from UK Banks etc section.

  2. Select the fund type you want from the Lloyds fund pull-down.
    Account related fields appear at the bottom.

  3. Enter the name of the lender in the Bank/lender name field or click File:ptnew4/pertax/100_Lloyd's/030_Interest+from+UK+Banks+etc/010_Add+Lloyds+Interest+from+UK+Banks+etc/image4.gif to select an existing bank or building society from your Contacts.

Note: If you create a new contact by typing in the name of the bank or building society in Bank/lender name, then this Contact is only available for the selected Client and Source year. However, if you use Roll Forward  then this contact is also available for the following tax year.

  1. Enter either net or gross interest in Amount Received. Any tax deducted appears in the Tax paid column.

  1. (Optional) To exclude tax, click the Is Paid Gross? check box.

  2. (Optional) Complete the following account related fields:

·         Account name - Enter the name of the account holder e.g. Simon Smith.

·         Account number - Usually 8 digits

·         Bank sort code - Usually 6 digits

·         Alternate lender code - Enter a unique code to identify this lender/ branch.

·         Date opened - Enter the date that account was opened by the institution. This date must not be after the end of the current tax year or the date closed.

·         Certified not liable to tax? - This is only active if the interest is paid gross and you click the Is paid gross? check box.

The interest received and tax paid appear in the Summary panel at the bottom of the Lloyds Interest from UK Banks etc tab.


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