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Add Other UK Investment Income (Accrued Income)

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  1. Open the Other UK Investment Income (Accrued Income Scheme securities) section.

  2. In Source, select or enter a description of the source. For example, Annuities 2.5%.

  3. Indicate the transaction type by selecting it from the Transaction Type pull-down.

  4. Complete the following:

  5. Date of transaction

  6. Interest period
    This is the date that the interest relates to.

  7. Quantity

  8. Amount received

  1. You need to select the Paid gross check box, if no tax was deducted.

  2. Enter the tax amount in Tax Deducted.

  3. Click Saved.

Note: The Transaction type you select or if you select the Paid gross check box determines whether you can enter an amount in Tax Deducted.


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