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Add New Employee Wizard - Step 4


Employee Security Group Details

You can accept the default Security Group which will show by clicking Next. This moves you to the Step 5. Alternatively, choose one or more Security Groups for the employee as explained below.

  1. On the Security Groups tab, click the blank row in Group.

  1. Click the Ellipsis Buttom Ellipisis.PNG button the blank row.

The Find Security Group window opens.

  1. Click the Search button.

Security Groups and their descriptions appear.

  1. Select one or more Security Groups you want to add for the employee.

  2. Click OK.

The Security Group appears in the window.

To continue using the wizard, click Next.

The Step 5 window appears to enter salary and benefit costs,


To go to the Employee Details page, click Finish.



It is optional to continue through the remaining steps of the Wizard to create and enter information for the employee. Once created you can add information and modify the record on the Employee Details page.


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