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Progressing the Tasks

All current tasks (irrespective of whether or not they are Milestones) are displayed on the assigned employee Tasks homepage:

A task can be progressed in two different ways:

  1. From the Task homepage
  2. From the individual task

From the Tasks Homepage

Multiple tasks can be completed together from the homepage.  Select the row(s) containing the tasks you want to complete and select the Complete icon from the bottom left hand corner

Note: Only Central Tasks can be completed from the Homepage, tasks set as pass/fail or multi action require to be updated either from the main Workflow Homepage or via the individual task window.  A message is returned advising that Tasks with multiple actions cannot be completed.

From the individual task

Within the Tasks Homepage select the Subject hyperlink to open the tasks “To Do” window.

From the Main Tab, action can be taken and the task completed. Hyperlinks are also available to navigate to the document or client records.


Select Mark As Completed from the ribbon bar, or select Complete from the Status drop down menu to advance the workflow. It is also possible to add a comment that is specific to this workflow task for this client.

Pass/Fail or Multi Choice

If a Pass/Fail or Multi Choice step is opened, clicking the Mark As Completed from the ribbon bar provides the user with a choice of options.  It is also possible to add a comment specific to this workflow task.


The History Tab displays all previously entered tasks comments.

Multiple Employee Selection

When a step is ready to be assigned (where the step can be assigned to a number of employees i.e Employee Category,  or a multiple Responsibility type); the employee who has just completed the step receives an automated Select Employee task to enable them to assign the next task.

Select the Assign Next User from the ribbon bar to return the list of employees who match the particular criteria supplied within the workflow template. Select the employee to whom the next task is to be assigned.  It is also possible to add a comment specific to this workflow task.

Note: Automated steps designed to carry out work in central do not generate a task; the step automatically completes once the automated action has been successfully executed.



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