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CCH Software User Documentation

Uploading Documents

All documents in CCH Document Management require some basic profile (or filing) details. You can upload documents using either the Quick Profile Bar or Advanced Profiling.

The Quick Profile Bar

Use the Quick Profile Bar in CCH Scan when you are filing to the Client Filing library and only basic document profiling information is required.

The following fields are mandatory:

  • Client
  • Type

Note: Do not use the Quick Profile Bar if you want to assign a task for the document.

The Quick Profile Bar is located at the bottom right of the Scan tab.


Note: The Quick Profile Bar is visible only when a document is shown in the Scan tab. If you have not uploaded a document then see the topic: Scanning Documents.

  1. Ensure the check box next to the name of the document that you want to add is ticked.
    The number of documents selected for upload appears in brackets on the Upload button.

  2. Click in the Client field and enter the name of the client that you want to upload the document to and then press Enter or Tab on the keyboard. If a client matching your criteria is found then it appears in the Client field, otherwise the Find Contacts dialog appears for you to search for the client. 

NoteThe Client field is greyed out when the selected library does not allow client filing. To activate it you would need to select a client filing library from the Library drop-down.

  1. Complete the following:

  • Type (mandatory)
  • Job (mandatory for CCH Autofill)
  • Assignment (mandatory for CCH Autofill)
  • (Optional) Click the Autofill check box if you want to upload to CCH Autofill.
  1. Click the Upload button to start the upload process. If your configuration includes any extra fields then the Extra Fields Configuration dialog appears for you to add these.

NoteIf there are any mandatory Extra Fields (displayed in red) you must complete these before you click OK to continue.

All documents selected for upload disappear from the Scan tab once the upload is complete. At any time you can hide the Quick Profile Bar by using the arrow that appears next to the Upload button.

Advanced Profiling

Ensure the check box next to the name of the document that you want to upload is ticked in the thumbnail pane and then click the Advanced Profiling option under Upload Document on the Task Bar. The Add Documents window will open. For details of how to use the Add Document window see the topic The Add Document window.


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