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CCH Software User Documentation

Inserting Headers and Footers

The report header holds the items that will appear at the commencement of a report. The report header title bar controls the height of the header area, and the background colour. You are able to use the tools to insert text and/or graphic items. The instructions to add items, edit their properties and apply styles to text are available in the How To topics listed below. These can be applied to header, footer and detail areas of a report layout.

Insert Header and Footer

  1. On the main toolbar click on the Reports button, Reports toolbar button .
    The Reports page opens and the reporting areas are listed in the Task Bar .

    Report task bar option

  2. Click the required reporting area to view the sub areas within it.

  3. Click a sub area to display the reports within it in the Reports page.

  4. Click a report in the page, then click the Edit button.
    The Change Report window opens.

  5. Click the Report designer icon, Report Designer icon to open the report in the Report Designer window.

  6. Right click in the Report Designer work area to access the menu.

  7. From the right click menu, select Insert.

  1. Select the appropriate menu item.
    The selected header or footer is added to the report.


The available options are determined by the work area you are in at the time. The options are Insert Report Header Footer, Insert Group Header Footer and Insert Page Header Footer.