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You can save reports that you run frequently in a Favorites window, making it quicker to run them on future occasions.

Organising Favourites

Once a report has been added as a favourite you can access it directly from the CCH Practice Management main menu by selecting Favourites > Reports. All reports added as favourites are listed in the menu option.

  • To run a report select it from the menu. The Report Fields window appears where required for you to select dates and filters.
  • To add a report to your Favourites, select a report in the Reports window, then click the Add to Favourites option in the Common Tasks area of the Task Bar.

The Organise Favourites window lists all the reports added as a favourite. From here you can change the order that the reports are listed, run a report or delete reports you no longer want to appear in the window. To open the Organise Reports window select Favourites > Reports > Organise Favourites from the main menu.

Organise Favourites window


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