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Filters limit the data included in a report. For example, you could apply a filter to a report to include data for only two partners, or only billed amounts greater than £1,000. You can apply filters to a report using either predefined filters or a filter prompt.

Predefined filters

To add predefined filters to a report, use the Filter and Or columns in the Change Report window.

When you want to insert predefined filters in a report, depending on the type of data in the selected field, you are offered:


A list

To select from the list, click the down arrow and select a value.

Ellipsis button

The Ellipsis button appears for client, supplier, employee and assignment searches, allowing you to access the Search window. Click the Ellipsis button to open the Search window.

A blank field

Enter a few characters in the Search for field and click  the Search button. Select a value from the available options and click OK.

To apply a filter in a blank field, type the statement that will select the required data. For example, to select all billed amounts greater than £ 1000, type: >1000.

You can use the following filters:



You can add up to five predefined filters to a report.

Filter prompts

You can specify a Prompt in the report layout so that when you run a report, the Report Fields window prompts you to specify the data you want to include in the report prior to opening the Preview window.

To add a filter prompt in the Change Report window, select the Prompt check box alongside the field or fields that data is to be filtered by.

Smart reports - Smart Reports - prompt box.PNG

You can specify as many filter prompts as you want. All prompts are displayed in a single Report Fields window when the report is generated.

Smart reports - Smart Reports - creating a new report - prompt.PNG



You can choose to display all data by clicking OK on the Report Fields window, bypassing the filters.



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