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Export to MS Excel

Export to MS Excel

There are two options used for exporting to excel:

  • Preview window
  • Edit Mode

Preview Window

When the Print preview report is selected from either step 5 of the wizard, or from within edit mode, the report preview window appears:


Select 8_ExportDocument.png  from the preview ribbon and choose either the XLS File or XLSX File option.  The following export option box appears:


Enter in the relevant details, click OK.  Save the file when prompted with the ‘Save As’ window.  Once saved, the following Export window is returned:


Yes, opens the report in excel.

No, leaves the user within the print preview window.

Edit Mode

Click Export to Excel from the Task Bar, the report is exported and available for immediate viewing within excel.

Both Grid and Pivot tables are able to be exported to excel using the export functionality within Edit Mode.


You are able to suppress/show report headers when exporting to excel.  

Edit report, select Formatting Tab, either select or deselect Show Headers depending on the required outcome.  You also have the ability to suppress cell borders by selecting or deselecting Hide Borders.


Export report to Excel using either of the above two methods.


Note: The Show Headers and Hide Borders options are only available within Ribbon Mode.



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