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It is possible to group reports within the Report Catalogue.

Full Expand

By default when a group is created, a single line is returned per group. To show full details right click on the group node and select Full Expand.

In the example below, the reports are grouped by the Last Modified By column.




Right click on the heading column to return a full list of options.



Full Expand This returns the underlying group details
Full Collapse This collapses all details back to a single line.
Sort Ascending This sorts reports ascending.
Sort Descending This sorts reports descending.
Ungroup/Group By This Column Groups can be created/removed by dragging and dropping heading columns.  Alternatively, right click on a column header and select Group By this Column to create the group, or Ungroup to remove the grouping.
Hide Group Panel/Show Group Panel The Hide Group Panel suppresses the group header, leaving the grouping intact.  Alternatively Show Group Panel reveals the group heading.
Group Summary Editor

Allows the grand total to be expressed as Max, Min, Average and Sum and to define the display order.

This can be accessed by right clicking and selecting ‘Customise’ for any total.
Best Fit/Best Fit (all columns) These extend or reduce the columns width.
Filter Editor This allows to filtering of the grid

Once one of these options is selected within Report Catalogue, it remains set until it is changed. 


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