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Adding an Assignment Template across Clients

Add Assignment Template across Clients

You can add an assignment template to a number of different clients all at once.

For example, you may want to apply an assignment template called Audit 2007 to all those clients who currently have another one called Audit 2006 attached to them.

The Assignment Template must exist to apply it. Refer Setting up a new Assignment Template

  1. On the Main Menu, open Maintenance > Add Assignments Across Clients.

  2. In the Add Assignment Across Clients window, in the Create new assignment where client has following assignment field, click the drop down arrow.
    A list of Assignment Templates attached to clients appears.

  3. Select the existing Assignment Template attached to clients.

  4. In the Assignment to add to clients that already have above assignment field, click the drop down arrow.
    A list of available Assignment Templates to attach to clients appears.

  5. Select the Assignment Template that you want to attach.

  6. If you want the client name added to the Assignment Code, select the Add Client Name to Code box.

  7. Click Add and in the Confirm Add window click OK.

  8. In the Add New Assignment to Clients window Click OK.

  9. Click Close.