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CCH Software User Documentation

Setting up Billing for an Assignment Template

Set up Billing for an Assignment Template

  1. From the main menu, select Maintenance > Assignment > Assignment Templates.

  2. In the Assignment Templates window, from the list of assignments, select the assignment you want to set up billing information for.

  3. In the lower half of the Assignment Templates window, click the Billing tab to enter billing details for the selected assignment.

  4. Select the Nominal Account from the drop down list.

  5. Select a billing paragraph from the Available list. The content of the selected paragraph is displayed in the Paragraph Text box below the Available list.

  6. To include the selected paragraph in the template, click Add button.
    To include all the paragraphs listed in the Available box, click Add All button.
    To remove a paragraph from the Selected list and return it to the Available list, click Remove button.
    To remove all the paragraphs from the Selected list and return them to the Available list, click Remove All button.

    You have now set up the billing details for the assignment.