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Editing milestones in a schedules

Explains what the feature is, what its benefits are to the user or customer, when to use it , how to access it.

Finding the Assignment

To edit a milestone you must first find the assignment

You can open an assignment in one of two ways. You can either:

  • access it from the Client page and view all assignments attached to a particular client in the Assignment tab and open the one you want to work on


  • go straight to the Assignment page by selecting the required assignment in the Find Assignments window.

Edit Milestones in Schedules

  1. In the toolbar, click either the Assignment button Assignments toolbar button or the Clients button Client toolbar button.

    The Find Assignment or Find Clients page is displayed.


If you are searching for an assignment as part of another task, click the Ellipsis  button in the Find Assignment field.

  1. In the Search for field, type in the name (or part of the name) of the record you want to search for.

  2. Select the Hide form when only one item found check box if required.

    If you check the Hide form when only one item found check box, if there is only one record that matches your search criteria, the relevant page for that record will open automatically rather than being listed in the search results where you would have to click it to open the record.

  3. Select the Search any part of name/code check box if required.

    If you check the Search any part of name/code check box then the search results that are returned will contain the search criteria you have entered in any part of the record name. When this check box is unchecked, only records with the search criteria at the beginning of the name will be returned. For example:


    • you enter 'mit' in the Search for field when searching for an employee. The Search any part of name/code check box is unchecked. The results will only contain employees that have 'mit' at the beginning of their first or last name, such as 'Mitchell' or 'Mitch'.
    • you enter 'mit' in the Search for field when searching for an employee. The Search any part of name/code check box is checked. The results will shown any employee whose name contains 'mit' somewhere within it, such as 'Smith', 'Mitchell' or 'Amit'.
  4. Click the Search button.

  5. In the search results, double-click the contact or client record you want to open. (You can double-click any part the client record other than the email address.)
    The Assignment or Client page appears.

  6. If you opened the Client page, click Assignments >Job/Schedule to open the Schedule page.
    If you opened the Assignment page, click Job/Schedule to open the Schedule page.

  7. Click the Milestone cell for the stage you want to edit the milestone. The drop down list becomes available.

  8. Edit the existing milestone or add a milestone using the drop down list.


If you do not link all the milestones to a schedule, the remaining milestones appear greyed out on the Jobsheet homepage control and you will not be able to interact with them.
  1. To remove a milestone, select None from the Milestone drop down list.

  2. When you have finished, click OK to exit the window.


The link between schedule stages and milestones are distinct.  You cannot link a milestone to more than one schedule stage.
You do not have to link all milestones to schedule stages. You only need to link the schedule stages to milestones that you would like to track using the homepage control.


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