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Milestones and Schedules

Milestones can be used for jobs or schedules. A schedule will be added to an assignment if the selected assignment template has a schedule template attached to it. A job will be added to an assignment if: a schedule template is not associated to an assignment template, and the Job Mode in use is either Assignment, Schedules and Jobs or Assignment, Schedules, Jobs and Job Time Recording

Tracking Milestones

When you add a new job to an assignment, the job will automatically appear in the Job Sheet homepage control and you will be able to maintain the milestones via the homepage control.

To be able to track milestones against a schedule you need to link the milestones to the schedules stages. You can link schedule stages to milestones in two ways:

  • Schedule template – You can link the schedule stages to milestones when creating a schedule template for an assignment template via Maintenance > Assignment > Assignment Templates. When you add a new assignment to a client and a schedule template is attached to the assignment, the milestones will be available on the homepage control.

  • Assignment>Schedule window – You can add or edit the milestones attached to schedule stages in the Assignment > Schedules tab


You must create the milestones for the assignment type before you link schedule stages to milestones in a schedule template.
The links between schedule stages and milestones are distinct.  You cannot link a milestone to more than one schedule stage.
You do not have to link all milestones to schedule stages. You only need to link the schedule stages to milestones that you would like to track using the homepage control.


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